High Training and Practice in Esthetic , Facial and Body Plastic Surgery, Rejuvenation and Perfectioning of the Body Contour.

Training in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at San Ignacio Hospital, San José Hospital and Militar Hospital. Bogotá – Colombia.

Training in Craniofacial Pediatric Plastic Surgery at San José child’s Hospital. Bogotá- Colombia.

Training in Maxillofacial Plastic Sugery, Militar Hospital and San Ignacio Hospital. Bogotá- Colombia.

Training in Hand Surgery at San Ignacio Hospital and San Jose Hospital. Bogotá – Colombia.
Training in Oncologic Plastic Surgery at the National Institute of Cancerology. Bogotá – Colombia.



Evaluation of abdominal wall function in patients with abdominal collagen reconstruction.

Initial evaluation of patients with brachial plexus trauma.

Refinement of high definition liposculpture technique in the management of body contouring.

Selective dissection of the nipple areola complex in patients undergoing reduction mammoplasty with superior pedicle.

Use of smooth oval implants to increase gluteal volume.